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North of Malta Guided Snorkeling Tour is unique. Come and join us and discover the wonderful life that lives below the waterline alongside the north coast of our beautiful Malta. The snorkeling trip will begin at our Scuba and Snorkeling centre where we begin by selecting and fitting your snorkeling equipment.

Then we head out to the beautiful reef at St. Paul’s Island. This shallow area with crystal clear water hosts a variety of colorful marine life and offers some of the best snorkeling in Malta! Here we will spend about 30 minutes before moving on to Mermaid Reef, famous for its spectacular underwater topography. We will snorkel along the reef looking out for many types of underwater plants and animals, including a wide range of fish, octopus and cuttlefish.

Our next destination is Smuggler’s Cave with its large boulders and luscious posedonia meadows. This snorkeling area is a residential home for silver bream, chromis and sea urchins. There is also a chance of spotting an occasional sting-ray for those with sharp eyes.

We will then cruise towards the amazing collapsed cave, Ahrax Point. See the glorious beams of light bouncing through the shallow pool reflecting off the colorful fish which inhabit there. This is where we will conclude the North of Malta Guided Snorkeling Tour and return back to the Scuba and Snorkeling centre.

Price: €30.00 per person

Duration: 2,5 hours
Age: 8+

How to book:

  1. Enquire availability via email and fix a date
  2.  Pay deposit online
€ 30.00
Deposit pp.: 
€ 10.00

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