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Boat Entry

A hidden gem along the rocky north coast of Malta, this small but beautiful reef is situated in a cove at the bottom of the staggering cliffs which line the coast of Malta, making this particular dive site only accessible by boat.

With a maximum depth of only 15 meters and a wide open space in which to explore, this makes the perfect spot for beginners. In the height of summer the water can be almost perfectly clear, a wonderful aquamarine colour with a white sandy bottom, allowing you to truly appreciate the natural beauty and sensation of being under water.

As you venture further towards the land there are a number of little caves and crevice’s to explore along the reef, each with their own little pocket of mystery waiting to be discovered. Hunt around this dive site and you can see octopus, cuttle fish, fried egg jelly fish, sea bream, vibrant nudibranch and much more life waiting to be discovered.