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Shore Entry

Reached via a rough path that leads you down to shore, where a shallow water shelf takes you to the Blue hole. The walk is not for the fainthearted. If you can`t carry your own equipment for around 200 metres, then it might be not an ideal dive for you.

Blue Hole is formed naturally in rock, offering a sheltered entry. This site includes a huge archway which starts at 8m and has a flat top, almost square in shape. A large cave also can be found at the bottom of the hole. The dive will lead you straight out of the arch to the new boulder field caused by the collapse of the Azure Window.

When you pass around the stump of the Azure window you will find 2 shelves one in 12m and the other one at 30m, then the drop off. There are many swimthroughs caused by the collapse of the rocks, one of which lays at 26m and brings you out by the crack, which opens up into the chimney, ascending from 24m to the coral garden at 6m.